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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Make it Large A Tribute to Michael Jackson By Bollywood

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Blue ~ Ft.Kylie Minogue ~*Chiggy-Wiggy*~ 2009

Blue (2009) ~ Katrina Kaif & Akshay Kumar *Exclusive TRAILER*

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Chintu Ji (2009)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Aagey Se Right

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  1. Aish Aish - Remix
  2. Daav Laga
  3. Hippie - Remix
  4. Hippie Tu Jhoom
  5. Love Flashback
  6. Mahiya
  7. More Piya - Tapori

Do Knot Disturb

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1. Beautiful Woman

2. Bebo

3. Do Knot Disturb

4. Dont Ever Leave Me

5. Mere Naal

6. Zulfaen Khol Khal Ke

Acid Factory (2009)

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  1. Adayain - Remix
  2. Ek Ada Si
  3. Jiye Jalai
  4. Yeh Jism Jo
  5. Yeh Raat

Daddy Cool (2009)

“Daddy Cool” is the first song of the movie which is sung by Raghav Sachar. Music of the song begins with instrument which is very slow. The song comes in voice as “Daddy… Daddy… Ha… Ankhiyon Me Jadoo Teri… Ada hai Palak Pe…” The song has great put-up of music. Daddy Cool music will give you a feeling of classical music, traditional music, western influence and instrumental music. There is sweet voice of flute music also. It is perfect song to show the meaning of “Daddy Cool” a fun movie. Many times “Daddy Cool” with “Jhankar” music appears in the sequence of the song.

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  1. Daddy Cool / Raghav Sachar, Paroma P Das Gupta
  2. Daddy Cool - Remix / Raghav Sachar, Paroma P Das Gupta
  3. Dekho Dekho Dil Ye Bole / Shaan
  4. Life Life / Farhad Bhiwandiwala
  5. Miss India Martee Mujhpe / Amit Kumar
  6. Nasha Nasha / Neha Bhasin
  7. Nasha Nasha - Remix / Neha Bhasin

Daddy Cool (2009)



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